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Coral Sea Productions is located in Brisbane, the Capital of Queensland. Gateway to the South Pacific and Asia.

Queensland's 3 International Airports provide us with access to domestic and international locations. We have a team of International experienced personal as well as Japanese speaking Technical & Production Staff.

We can go wherever you need us!

The Great Barrier Reef

lies in the Coral Sea 15-160 km (10-100 mi) off the eastern coast of QUEENSLAND, Australia. Often called the longest coral reef in the world, it is actually a series of coral islands, reefs, and shoals that extend north to southeast for over 2,000 km (1,250 mi).

The coral formations are based on the outer, eastern edge of the CONTINENTAL SHELF, once part of the Queensland coast. They largely consist of the calcified remains of coral polyp built up in strange and beautiful formations over millions of years; there are more than 350 species of coral.


Queensland, Australia's giant northeastern state, covers 1,727, 200 sq. km (666,900 sq. mi), almost one-quarter of the continent. Four times the size of California, it is the country's third most populous state, with a population of 3,277,273 (1995). BRISBANE is the capital. Dividing the eastern third of the state from the western portion is the GREAT DIVIDING RANGE. A vast plain with occasional subdued ranges characterizes the western two-thirds.

Generally, summer temperatures are warm, averaging 31 deg C (88 deg F) in January; winters are mild with a July average of 11 deg C (52 deg F). Most rain falls during the summer. Precipitation averages between 1,000 and 1,300 mm (40 and 50 in) along the east coast but decreases rapidly toward the arid interior. Statewide, grass is the dominant vegetation, but dense rain forests predominate along the coasts.


Brisbane is a port city in eastern Australia located at Moreton Bay, above the mouth of the Brisbane River. It is the capital of QUEENSLAND and the third largest city in Australia, with a population of 1,489,069 (1995).

Two airports and a network of rail lines and highways serve the city. Brisbane's urban transit system is based on 185 km (120 mi) of electric railroad. Greater Brisbane covers an area of 997 sq. km (385 sq. mi).